Contract No.ND/2018/01-
Site Formation and Infrastructure work for

Police Facilities in Kong Nga PoPolice Facilities in Kong Nga Po

Project Background

The project will facilitate the co-location of police training facilities in the Kong Nga Po (KNP) site, so as to release sites within Kwu Tung North and Fanling North new development area which are currently occupied by or reserved for police facilities, for other more beneficial uses.

The KNP development is a Designated Project (DP) under Schedule 2 of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Ordinance (Cap. 499). In October 2016, the EIA Report for the KNP development was approved by DEP pursuant to the EIA Ordinance. The Environmental Permit (EP) was also granted in November 2016.

Contract No. ND/2018/01 generally consists of site formation & infrastructure works for the co-location of various police facilities at Kong Nga Po as well as upgrading works to a section of the existing Kong Nga Po Road between the police facilities and Man Kam To Road. The formed site will be handover to ArchSD for subsequent development.